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The DAoC User Interface Editor is a free, graphical editor for creating and modifying your Dark Age of Camelot, Trials of Atlantis custom user interfaces. Click here for a complete list of features.

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Latest Updates:

4-12-5: Version 1.75 Now Available

This version adds support for tooltips introduced in Dark Age of Camelot 1.75.

9-17-4: Version 1.71B Beta Now Available

Enhanced DDS image reader with full support for DXT1 (with alpha), DXT3, and DXT5 compression. Fixed the 'black checkbox' bug that appeared when loading DDS files in version 1.71 Beta

9-1-4: Version 1.71 Beta Now Available

This version brings the editor up to data with version 1.71 of Dark Age of Camelot. New features include DDS image support and support for the new ingame map system (DynamicImageDef).

6-27-4: Version 1.00 Released

After several months of beta testing, I'm proud to annouce release version 1.0. For program help, press "F1" at any time. Please send any bug reports to

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